Inspired by the Scandinavian designs, Artisan is developed using sustainable and natural materials like wood and jute. The main essence of this chair is the geometric use of round wooden rods and their joinery. These wooden rods are joined seamlessly, using a tenon and mortise joint. Different frames for the seat and back are constructed using the same round wood members onto which surface is formed by weaving flat jute threads. The artisan series has a range of sofas, and they have the same humble and earthy mood. Available in single-seater and two- seater, they have a beautiful back detailing of round wooden rods. It comes along with a matching coffee table. We have designed a low chair and moda in the Artisan series to relax and take an afternoon nap in office environments. This low chair has a high back giving more support to the user. We suggest including the cushion attachments to enhance the comfort of this chair.

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