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Slic Premium

Slic Premium is all about luxurious yet eco-friendly materials like compressed wood and leather, keeping aside plastic and metal. Exposed laminated compressed wood which forms the structure of this chair is customisable in any wood finish. The quilted leather upholstery is designed in such a way that it wraps around the wood but not wholly, leaving the wood exposed. The armrests and stand are also crafted and shaped in moulded compressed wood. In the same collection using the same design theory, we have Slic Premium sofa series. Smart assembly of four cushions upholstered to moulded bentwood components. Addition of those sleek stitched lines to the back adds charm to the sofa, and the centre table has a distinct pattern matched by veneer. This combination of single and two-seater sofas with centre/ corner table is apt for personal lounge spaces.

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